Barcus-Berry – Tradition of Innovation

Over four decades of innovative leadership are deeply ingrained in the history of Barcus-Berry. In 1963, experiments initiated by violinist John Berry and electronics visionary Les Barcus, gave birth to the first ever piezo crystal transducer for musical instruments. This discovery ultimately led to Barcus-Berry’s introduction of several “firsts” in the music industry, such as the first electric violin, the first successful piezo transducers for guitar, piano and concert harp, the first commercially marketed active direct box, the first combination strap button/output jack, and the first “under saddle” piezo pickup.

Barcus-Berry has come to offer the best quality in acoustic-electric violins and transducers and preamps for guitars, brass and woodwind instruments, orchestral instruments, pianos and harps.

Barcus-Berry products are favored by leading performers such as Ronnie Milsap, Chuck Leavell (Rolling Stones), Jean Jeansonne (Rascal Flatts), Savion Glover (Tony Award-winning dancer), Brendon Anthony (The Pat Green Band), Downs Thompson(Clay Walker Band), Terry Hale (George Strait), and Daniel Willem.

The “Planar Wave” piano system has an established reputation as the only transducer system of its kind and has become an indispensable working tool for the most professional of piano engineers. Barcus-Berry has continued to make history with technologically advanced systems offering unparalleled accuracy and immunity to feedback. Today, Barcus-Berry borrows from its illustrious heritage to bring the newest generation of products which allow musicians freedom of expression through true acoustic sound.