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Violin Bridge

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Designed to satisfy the most rigorous demands of the professional musician – outstanding dependability! The piezo transducer is built right into the bridge, achieving wide-band frequency response, perfectly balanced string sensitivity, feedback rejection and excellent signal isolation. More pro violinists depend on the 1320 for unequalled acoustic-electric performance! Includes 3100P 1/4″ output jack. Provides superb acoustic performance together with unequaled acoustic-electric capability. Pickup/Transducer: Select quality unfitted replacement bridge which incorporates a factory installed piezo electric transducer. Output Jack: Barcus-Berry® model 3100P: 1/4″ female Carpenter output jack with separate U-shaped bottom bracket and 2 turn buckles. Adjustment key. Installation instructions. Preamp: Not included; not required.

• 1320B – Replacement transducer bridge (without output jack).

Preferred by:
Brendon Anthony (The Pat Green Band), & Jean Jeansonne (Rascal Flatts).

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